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Incoming calls

Customer service

– Customer service is a critical part of the company’s success. Each contact with your customers represents an opportunity for you to improve your reputation and increase the likelihood that they remain loyal. That increases the value of their purchases and that they speak well of you.

– Many aspects of your business affect the way your customers perceive your business. In collaboration with our value-added services, it is possible to consider better customer experience and to increase the levels of appreciation of your customer service as well as your service offering.

Technical support

– The telephone technical support agent is vital for several companies: it is he who, on the front line, helps solve IT problems by saving valuable time for customers using our IT platform.

– The primary mission of the Technical support agent is to provide technical assistance to users of computers, the Internet, and security systems. It advises and trains users on the effective use of computer platforms, programs, and software.

– Communicates with users to guide them in the use of various IT tools.

– Provides documents, and implements solutions to problems encountered.

– Assemble and disassemble purchased merchandise.

– Gather information for the maintenance of an internal journal, presenting a range of solutions and tips for the use of IT tools.

Sales and retention

– Your existing customers are among your company’s most valuable assets: they have already chosen you over your competitors. Keeping them is much cheaper than attracting new ones, so it is worth taking steps to make sure they’re satisfied with the service they receive.

– Relationships with existing customers will be opportunities to increase sales, as your customers will already have confidence in your recommendations.

– Cross-selling and incentive selling are ways to increase either the range or the value of what you’re selling by telling these customers new buying opportunities. Alerting customers when they’re new, enhanced, or free products are available, perhaps through regular emails or newsletters, is one way to increase sales.

– Contented customers will contribute to your business for years through their purchases, recommendations, and references they will make about your business.

Outbound calls


Making appointments


– Customer surveys with telephone feedback to key customers are a useful way to gauge the satisfaction of your customer service or your various products.

– Customer feedback can provide you detailed information on how your business is perceived. It’s an opportunity for customers to voice their objections, change suggestions, or endorse your existing processes. For you, an occasion to listen to what they say and act consequently. Feedback often gathers through questionnaires, telephone, or e-mail.

– Do your best to make sure your customers feel that the additional contact is relevant and benefits them. Bombarding customers with unwanted calls or marketing materials can be counterproductive. Newsletters and e-newsletters keep you in touch with useful information.

Collect donation

Management of written communications



Written communication by mail


Objective assessment of needs

– We offer a guide that outlines current customer service practices. It explains how you can use customer relationships, feedback, and loyalty plans to retain existing customers, increase sales with them, or even win new customers. The guide also discusses the different ways to manage a customer’s complaint.

Preparation of improvement plan

– Your customers and employees are essential sources of information about your company’s valuation measures. We, therefore, use the metrics that best reflect the sustainability of your services or products through the various communications with your customer service in your company. Make sure that the items you measure are not selected the way your business currently works, but the way your customers would like it to work.

Lending of temporary resources

Placement of employees

Phone Solution

Complete telephone system

Recording of calls

– Manage call records for your clients for ongoing training and complaint cases.

– It is crucial that you write a quality grid regarding the processes of communicating with your customers to be treated in a compliant manner in your company. Create a costed policy for evaluating the quality of your customer service. Make sure all your staff are involved and understand the metrics and monetary impacts on the business. Often, the more you influence the importance of this quality grid, the more there will be a direct and calculable convergence with customers.

Evaluation and production of an optimal IVR

Statistics and complete documentation of communication volumes

– Information about your customers and what they want will be available from a variety of sources:

– The history of their orders

– Records of their communications with your company (phone calls)

– Feedback. If you ask them the question, customers will usually tell you what they want

– Changes in customer ordering habits

– Changes in the overall success of particular products or services

– Feedback about your existing range. What she appreciates and what she appreciates less

– Requests for information on possible new products or services

– Feedback about your existing range. What she appreciates more and less

– Changes to the goods and services your competitors sell

Rental of a call sequencer

Mode of automatic dialing

Composition mode with a view

Management of incoming and outgoing calls with prioritization

Loan of temporary resources

Operator on call

Call Centre Operations Management

Human resources for recruitment

Call Volume Management

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