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For an innovative business offer, 13BK can provide the best multilingual team on the market by offering the best candidates selected on the highest standard of the industry.

13BK pledge to surpass their partner expectations. How? By answering to their actual and growing needs by having maximum retention on their existing customer, sale, and prospecting for their customer future needs.

13BK is with our proof effective learning tool and with state of the art technologies.


Phone outsourcing

Inbound calls

Customer Service | Technical Support | Sales and Retention

Outbound calls

Sales | Making appointments | Survey | Collecting donations

Written communications



Written communication by mail


Objective evaluation of your needs

Preparation of an improvement plan

Loan of temporary resources

Employee hiring

Phone solution

Full telephone service

Recording of the calls

Evaluation and creation of an optimal IVR

Statistic and full call volume documentation

Rental of a phone dialer

Automatic call mode

With preview calling mode

Inbound and outbound call handling with prioritization

Loan of temporary resources

On-call agent

Call center management

Human resources for hiring

Call volume management